It's a hard announcement to make, but will be shutting down as of December 27th.

The financial strain of the past two years is starting to hit with full force, and I unfortunately can't afford to keep the photography side of the site open at this point in time. Prints will be available until the 27th.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site. This site will remain open for the time being, and I'll probably look at other options for the photos.

The Esdeemed Gentleman #14 - The Tale of a Tailless Cat

I can almost feel the gaze of the beast upon me as it lurks in the darkness, just out of my sight. My muscles tense as I peer from side to side, but to no avail. The second pass by like hours as I wait for the inevitable strike. After several minutes, nothing happens, and I start to relax my guard. Only then does the gray and white blur burst from the shadows, its paw streaking through the air toward my leg. The claws, as always, are only partially extended. It's little more than a pinprick as it hits my leg.

Beginning November with Another Update!

Hey everybody... Izumicon 2013 has come and gone, and I had an absolute blast being there. Hello to everyone who I might have met there! This is no exaggeration, everyone I talked to was awesome. I can't wait for next year, and you can bet I'll be there along with my fiancee next year as well. In fact, there's a new Esdeemed Gentleman up talking about the experience! Naturally, I followed up a fun but exhausting con by heading out to the Oklahoma City Zoo Monday morning, and I'm still in the process of going through quite a few photos from that.

The Esdeemed Gentleman #13 - Con-ventional Wisdom

It was a good thing there were so many swords around, because you needed one to cut the tension in front of the elevator. The couple across from me looked rather dignified, or at least thought of themselves as such. They were dressed up for their night at the Barons hockey game in what might have been their Sunday best, the only sign of their fandom a team pin on the gentleman's lapel. I, on the other hand, wore cargo pants and a Path of the Just t-shirt.

End of October Update!

Hey folks, it's time for another update here on the web sites! You'll get to see some new photos over on the photo end of things, including a few shots of one of the Oklahoma City Zoo's new red panda cubs! I think I can do better, so I'm planning to go back the Monday after Izumicon to get some more shots.

October Arrives, and Izumicon!

Hey folks, got a few updates here on the two web sties for you to check out and enjoy! Here on, I've got a new Esdeemed Gentleman online, looking back on a favorite story from the theater days. Or if photos are more your thing, head on over to the photo site, which has been redesigned with some new features that will hopefully make it bigger and better than before.

The Esdeemed Gentleman #12 - The Duke Lives

I first saw him as he approached the box office, an older gentleman who walked with the proverbial spring in his step as he drew near the window. His outfit wasn't atypical of the senior citizens who visited our theater on a daily basis, khakis and a polo shirt, with the ever fashionable Member's Only jacket hanging across his shoulders. He'd tucked most of his white hair under a plaid colored newsboy cap, while a pair of thick glasses balanced precariously on his nose. As he drew closer, I could hear him whistling a pleasant tune.

Number Five

A couple of new updates on the site for you, including a new Esdeemed Gentleman and some new photos from the most recent zoo trip. It was a fun one, despite not getting a lot of photos, just due to not only spending time with "my" pandas, but also talking to their lead keeper and getting a lot of good information.

The Esdeemed Gentleman #11 - Footsteps

Please note: This column deals with surgery, and includes some slightly graphic descriptions. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip this.


“You know, some people give them names.”


Wow, content!

Hey folks! No, your eyes do not deceive you... AND have been updated. New Esdeemed Gentleman, over a hundred new photos, and we've got a Disqus system up and running here for the odd comment. And hopefully there will be more to come in the very near future! It's been a long road back from the emergency surgery late last year, and I won't lie, things haven't been great. Hopefully I can get myself back on a regular schedule... there are plenty of ideas percolating, hopefully health cooperates and they'll be moving forward soon.


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